Free digital screens for bookshops

Get what’s great about your shop in front of people.

For free.


Free screens

We provide free digital advertising screens to go in shop windows & inside your store giving you the chance to pull passers by in to your shop, and also put relevant offers and events in front of customers once they are inside.

We do the heavy lifting

You tell us what you want on the screen, we create and design the content and put it on there. You can also use the content we create on your website & social media accounts if you like. We’ve designed it all to be as easy as possible for you.

Advertiser funded

We fund it all by selling a proportion of the airtime to advertisers (between 5% and 50% depending on the month). We never sell to competing businesses or firms that should not be advertising to a family audience, and you always have the right to reject any advertising we place.

Great news we already have orders on our website as a direct result of the screen!

Niche Comics & Books in Huntingdon (less than two days after installation)